Sheba Roastery
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Our Story

Growing up in an Ethiopian household, coffee became a staple feature in our lives. After every day of hard work, our mother would set up the classic Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony that included roasting the coffee beans to glistening perfection while the warm aroma quickly spread through the rooms. 

With coffee acting as the medium, this time allowed us to sit in each others company, unwind, and share our time together. After years of watching and learning, we began to prepare the coffee ourselves in the same way our mother had. This familial and cultural practice developed into a deep seeded passion for coffee that ignited the flame of Sheba Roastery. - Axum & Saba



Our Mission

Sheba Roastery roasts specialty Ethiopian coffee beans to provide both an authentic experience and flavor. Coffee beans were first discovered in the highlands of Ethiopia and now are a part of our daily lives. 

Sheba Roastery aims to shine a light on the origin of your favorite drink by bringing our culture to your cup. 




Sheba Roastery prides itself on micro roasted batches. That means that nearly every bean is roasted with manual intention over an open flame to provide the most culturally accurate representation of Ethiopian coffee. Every bag is made to order to ensure a timely experience and fresh cup by the time it gets to our eager customers.